Monday, September 15, 2008

Letter from September 11, 2008

Mom & Dad:
Hey again. One month ago, do you think I could have voluntarily gotten, then given an IV? Well, that's what we did today. We're on our first aid week, so everyone got to have and give an IV today; it's called "Stick Day". I did it without any problems at all! If nothing else, this whole Army thing has at least all but fixed my fear of needles.
We also learned how to do more complex things like first aid to a sucking chest wound, and needle chest decompressions, but we don't get to try those out on each other.
So how are things at home? It's probably pretty quiet, seeing how Drew and I are both gone now. That's okay, we'll be back around December to liven things up again.
HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY, MOM! Okay, when you get this it won't be early, but right now it is, so there. I love you guys lots.
PFC Brad Hopper
P.S. Could you send me more envelopes & stamps? Please?

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In Barracks 10-5-08

Grandma Inman and Brad

Grandma Inman and Brad
Thanks for your support Grandma!

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Family Photo
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