Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter from September 12, 2008

Mom & Dad:
I guess it's okay if you type letters if it means you'll send more!

I bet Drew's happy! He looks like be's got a good setup there. I still need his adress!

You should send some pictures of this Agility Course you made for Annie (and Bella). Where is it, in the back yard? What does she think about it?

Grandma Hopper sent me a letter. She wants to send me chocolates here...Can you make sure she doesn't? if they are sent here they will be taken & eaten by the Drill Sergeants, so if she could just send them to you & I'll pick them up at Christmas, that would be awesome.

Well, I'm out of time. I love you guys lots, I'll write more later!

-PFC Brad Hopper

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In Barracks 10-5-08

Grandma Inman and Brad

Grandma Inman and Brad
Thanks for your support Grandma!

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Family Photo
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Swearing In Day
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